Neighbour Hood clear out

One thing that many people need help with is asbestos.


The stuff was a lot of use in the past because it was great insulation, was mostly fire-resistant, and easy to find. It was cheap, making it common material for construction. The problem was that people didn’t find out it caused a load of health problems until after it was used for almost everything.


Newer homes don’t have any problems. The older ones have the lining, though.


Charlie, Doc, and I helped someone get rid of some fencing in his yard. The job was part of an overall cleanup thing the neighbourhood had going on. The owner found asbestos and wasn’t sure he was up to handling it himself.


Ever-resourceful, Doc got a hold of some asbestos removal gear for us. He had a special vacuum cleaner since he says the regular stuff isn’t good enough. He also had safety gear like masks and suits. We called in a couple of other people too because we wanted to be sure by closing the area off.


Yes, asbestos contaminating the air is a thing.


Naturally, we all made sure to wear stuff we wouldn’t mind losing.


Charlie was the first one in, digging into the fencing and materials. Good news for us, most of the fibres were still intact. That meant we had less of a problem getting it out, and lower risk of any of us getting contaminated.


We had to be very careful not to break the pieces we found. See, if the asbestos is intact, it’s mostly safe. You’re not in any danger of the fibres getting out and contaminating everything.


When the sheets aren’t intact, that means the fibres have spread. You might breathe it in if you’re not careful, and you’re going to need to contain the area.


Doc made a comment that the whole job was a lot easier because we didn’t have to do a lot. The fencing was pretty much already there, waiting for us to scrape the outer covering off and clear the sheets.


Doc used to do asbestos removal, you see. He’s seen this sort of thing a lot. Over lunch that day, he told us about how he and crew once had to go through a huge house that was lined with the stuff. Every room had it built into the walls, and it took them weeks to finish the job.


What was worse was that in about half the house, due to botched renovations or shoddy work, the sheets weren’t intact. He talked about how the crew had to quarantine the house room by room because they didn’t want to risk contaminating anything.


He said they’d go into a room and use plastic sheets and duct tape and some gear to make sure it was contained. Then they’d break everything down to get to the sheets, vacuum the fibres, and then take down the containment. After all that, they’d go to the next room to do it all over again.


I can only imagine what a headache that must have been.


In comparison, the fence was a lot easier. The owner needed the fence replaced anyway, so we had his permission to pretty much wreck it. The only reason we didn’t go crazy was that we didn’t want to damage the sheets.


Of course, if you have a big project like this, Doc recommends professionals. Guys like can handle the task, from cleanup to disposal. You can DIY it if it’s just small potatoes and the sheets are intact. If it’s not, definitely call professionals.

How Helping Others or Volunteering can Help You

With busy lives, it could be difficult to find time for you to volunteer. However, the benefits associated with volunteering are enormous for you, your family, as well as your community. The proper match can enable you to reduce stress, find friends, get in touch with the community, learn new skills, and advance your job even. Volunteering can help protect your mental and physical health also. Find out about the many great things about volunteering and discover tips on starting out as a volunteer.

Volunteering connects anyone to others

One of the better-known great things about volunteering is the impact on the grouped community.

Volunteering gives you to hook up to your community and make it an improved place.
Helping out with even the tiniest tasks can make a genuine difference fully lives of individuals, animals, and organizations in need.
Volunteering may benefit your household around the cause you decide to help.
Dedicating your time and effort as a volunteer can help you make new friends, expand your network, and increase your social skills.

Volunteering can help you make new friends and contacts

One of the better ways to make new friends and strengthen existing relationships is to invest in a shared activity together.

Volunteering is a superb way to meet new people, if you are not used to a location especially.
It strengthens your ties to the city and broadens your support network, exposing anyone to people who have common interests, neighborhood resources, and fun and fulfilling activities.

Volunteering increases your social and relationship skills

While a lot of people are naturally outgoing, others are shy and also have trouble meeting new people.

Volunteering gives you the possibility to practice and develop your social skills, since you are meeting regularly with a group of men and women with common interests.
Once you’ve momentum, it’s much easier to branch out and make more friends and contacts.

Why is Contribution Important

Why is contribution (helping) important. Here are some reasons

As you yourself cannot survive without other people helping ad contributing to you and your welfare, the same applies, you will not be fulfilled in your life without contributing to others. No baby can grow on its own.

Why do you think even after you become an adult and move house, with a life of your own, your mother still makes you food and ties to brush your hair…Yes because she cares and yes she is a mother, but ultimately she wants to contribute to your life.

Contribution is one of the most, if not the most important human need.

Those who help learn.

Before people can help you, or you become a helper, often you need to learn how to do so. Whether as mentioned before its learning how to be a taxi service driver, or a doctor.

You essentially will require skill in a particular field before you can then help and gift that to others. Many skills can be learnt through, courses through practice, sharing , reading or simply doing.

No matter where you are in the world, whether it be in Sydney Australia, Hong Kong China, Auckland New Zealand, or Bali Indonesia, people are always willing not only to help but also to offer you ways to become a helper yourself.

Getting A to B

How about the times when you have had a big night and you need to get from A to B, but well you cannot drive because you have had some drinks. There is always some sort of punishment from going hard and then trying to go home.

So what do you do, Well fortunately in our western societies we have the advantage of a number of different options.

A friend or family member could of course pick you up, a designated driver be in place or you could use public transport services, you could walk or lastly you could hire vehicle services i.e. taxi, limo, etc.

So wish do you decide. Well walking would hurt and take a long time, using a lot of physical and mental will. A friend or family member would request a favor in return and probably never let it down.

Public transport works great, but you better not miss the scheduled times of its departure. Chances are if your out on the town, you havent got a designated driver. So you better use the services of a driving service. Though it will cost you money, it can be quick, easy and comfortable then a train, or waking your friend up in the middle of the night.

Plus you are helping them get business and that in itself is you helping them as they help you.


The Doctors

Do we stop to consider the amount of help doctors help us? Most likely not.

But why do i ask or bring this up. Well my partner several weeks ago, hurt her ankle and has been unfortunately left in a moon boot every since (see pictures). With several visits to the doctors she has now been able to source the problem and take measures in place in order to fix it.

However how much credit do we give to these doctors and the fact we have a healthcare system that is able to extend life and prolong injury. We don’t really, instead we complain about the long waits, the expensive bills and the temporary pain/discomfort.

We are very fortunate and should be grateful for all the help we are provided by doctors.

Food Revolution

Watch as Jamie Oliver rallies with petition to change the way food is looked at and create a revolution that will help everyone in the world to adapt to food correctly.

Visit the website here to find out how Jamie is helping in getting everyone to understand:

China Consulting Event

My recent stumble upon helpers is not through volunteer work but instead through a multicultural event called China Entrepreneurship. This works effectively to fill the link between the lack of Chinese business development In English speaking countries.

Chinese entrepreneurship successful assists with China marketing consulting, digital media, translations, interpreting, ways to make money working with Chinese business, tourist development, history and much more.

By placing these events in a multi-cultural acceptable venue that caters for both English and Chinese speaking people. Many can be involved in successful help in a greater relationship between the two parties and to help the entrepreneur establishment of upcoming and existing businesses.

This is just one of many courses available to help fill the missing parts between multicultural people. Those who are unable to find what they are looking for in an ordinary westernised development. These great little nugget help those looking for something unique that is specific to their needs.

With more of these multicultural establishments becoming more known however it will certainly help the connection between parties and set a new path forward for building trust and knowledge.


Helpers-Everyone Understanding

Whether making business relationships for established business or entrepreneurship or just general communication between different parts of the world in addition to ways in which different parts help each other.

Whether as a means of volunteer work, business trading and development, simple donation means, or by other methods. Using volunteer work as an example, if people in other countries are finding it difficult to fit in or are struggling, often at times volunteer work members will come in and assist to fill in the gaps.

These gaps may be a lack of resources such as food and water, money or shelter, or it could simply be through assistance in communication, direction, and even holiday sites to see if not local.