Getting A to B

How about the times when you have had a big night and you need to get from A to B, but well you cannot drive because you have had some drinks. There is always some sort of punishment from going hard and then trying to go home.

So what do you do, Well fortunately in our western societies we have the advantage of a number of different options.

A friend or family member could of course pick you up, a designated driver be in place or you could use public transport services, you could walk or lastly you could hire vehicle services i.e. taxi, limo, etc.

So wish do you decide. Well walking would hurt and take a long time, using a lot of physical and mental will. A friend or family member would request a favor in return and probably never let it down.

Public transport works great, but you better not miss the scheduled times of its departure. Chances are if your out on the town, you havent got a designated driver. So you better use the services of a driving service. Though it will cost you money, it can be quick, easy and comfortable then a train, or waking your friend up in the middle of the night.

Plus you are helping them get business and that in itself is you helping them as they help you.


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